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Ohio Shale Energy 2012

Discovering Supply Chain Opportunities

Audience at Ohio Shale Energy Keynote

Conference Overview

The Ohio Shale Energy 2012 conference, Discovering Supply Chain Opportunities, brought together over 500 leaders in the shale energy industry at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center in Cambridge, Ohio on April 11th, 2012.

Participants received first hand advice from industry experts about the factors driving Ohio’s booming shale energy industry and the necessary steps to get involved. Ohio Shale Energy speakers discussed the factors that are driving Ohio’s booming shale energy industry and identified opportunities for new and existing businesses. Topics included oil and gas operations, business planning, preparing for realistic market entry, certification and training, logistics and distribution among others. Companies currently in the shale energy supply chain and those interested in becoming part of it took benefit from this no-nonsense approach to growing Ohio’s shale energy industry. As keynote speaker Michael Levett explained:

“The companies that can think ahead, get ahead, and perform best in show, best in class, are going to be the winners and Ohio has a tradition of that.”

— Keynote speaker Michael Levett

Conference Highlights

Industry Requirements

At the conference, expert panelists also discussed what is necessary for local shale supply chain businesses to flourish. It was stressed that companies need to understand the industry and its many requirements, including certifications and licenses. To succeed, businesses must be proactive and be prepared. The energy industry is volatile and suppliers need to have the financial stability and flexibility to weather the boom and bust cycle.

This is what some of the panelists had to say:

Dave Mustine Interview

“I’m here because shale development and supply chain aspects of shale is extremely important to job creation and growth of the Ohio economy.”

— Dave Mustine, General Manager for Energy at JobsOhio

Jo Sexton Interview

“I think what you are going to find in Ohio because we have thought there would be a lot of opportunity, now that there is we see a lot of motivated people. A lot of people eager and aggressive, and the workforce here is wonderful, the work ethic here in Ohio is wonderful, I think everybody wants this so badly that this is going to give us the edge. Really the opportunities are endless—it’s whatever anyone can create and think up.”

— Jo Sexton, Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce

Michael Zimmer Interview

“Opportunity has been very multidisciplinary. We are seeing needs in the short term right now. The next phase will be more support in actual production, drilling, bringing in the resources to support the communities, housing, schools, and the development of infrastructure to support this on a permanent long term basis which includes pipelines, processing centers, roads, multifamily housing, to ensure the success of shale energy development in Ohio.”

— Michael Zimmer, Executive in Residence at Ohio University

Larry Wickstrom, state geologist and division chief of the Ohio Division of Geological Survey, explained that although the Ohio shale energy industry is still in its infancy, the boom is expected in two to three years.

Panel Discussion

Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaker, Michael A. Levett, Senior Director and Vice Chair of the board of directors for CDC Development Solutions, emphasized the significance of building upon current local capacity and innovation to create the knowledge networks and value chain additions that will rapidly increase Ohio business involvement in an Ohio shale energy industry.

Michael Levett Interview

“You have to understand that the big oil companies have huge requirements and qualifications, standards that you have to meet, and companies no matter how good they are have to prepare better to capture these kind of things, and then after you capture them you must be able to implement these things. This is not easy to do, so training not for the job but for the contract is a key measure of success for this industry.”

— Michael Levett, CDC Development Solutions

Supply Chain Database

The Ohio Shale Energy supply chain database is a major step in this direction by identifying and connecting Ohio’s suppliers and buyers in the shale energy industry. To join the database, companies first take a survey that identifies their special business manufacturing or operational services capabilities. The company is then included in the online database and map where it can be found by potential clients. To join the database, visit our survey page.

Panel Discussion

Networking Opportunities

The conference provided businesses with the opportunity to network, build relationships, and hear expert advice about how to fill the needs of local, national and international shale gas energy markets that are about to surge in Ohio.

Ed Weston interview

“The opportunity is coming, it is like a train, it is going to take time for manufacturers to learn this industry, to penetrate the companies they need to penetrate, and then to develop the kind of products they need to succeed.”

— Ed Weston, Director of Supply Chain Services, WIRE-Net

Join the Supply Chain

To sign up on the Ohio Shale Energy Supply Chain database click here.

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